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How to prevent frozen pipes

Frozen pipes can burst and cause water damage to your home and belongings. Our plumbing contractors in Niagara, St. Catharines, Hamilton and other parts of southern Ontario see burst pipes all the time. That’s why we feel it’s important to get ahead of the weather. As part of winterizing your home, you should have a close look at your pipes and determine which ones are at risk of freezing. Pipes in less insulated areas, such as basements, garages and attics, are particularly at risk, but don’t ignore your other pipes either. You’ll want to check that your kitchen and bathroom pipes are well insulated as well. Here are some tips for how to prevent frozen pipes.

Keep the heat on if you leave the house You might think turning the heat off while you go on vacation will save you some money, but if the house gets below a certain temperature, frozen pipes will cause much more costly damage than you’d save on your heating bill. Keep the heat at a minimum of 12℃ (55℉) while you’re away. Insulate attics and basements If your attic or basement is unfinished, consider investing in insulation. A properly insulated attic and basement will not only save you money on your heating bill, it will keep the temperature in those areas higher and prevent pipes from freezing. Install insulating pipe sleeves Exposed pipes can be covered with foam or rubber sleeves that can be inexpensively purchased at your nearest hardware store. You’ll need to know the length and diameter of the pipes you’re covering so you can purchase insulation that will fit properly. Close the garage door but open the kitchen cabinets You want to keep as much heat circulating near your pipes as possible. If you have water lines in your garage, keep the door closed in winter. Inside your home, you can open kitchen and bathroom cabinets to allow the warm air to circulate toward the pipes. Just make sure you remove any harmful cleaning products from reach if you have kids around the house. Run a faucet on a slow drip If you’re worried about a particular pipe, you can leave the faucet running slightly at a very slow drip to help keep water flowing through the line and prevent it from freezing during a cold snap. Do you need help to keep your pipes from freezing, or to fix burst pipes? Forplumbing in St Catharines, Niagara, Hamilton and other parts of Southern Ontario, call Roto-Rooter. We can help you fix your plumbing and clean up messy water damage.


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