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What to Do after a Burst Pipe

Burst pipe

You arrive home and are greeted by the sight of water damage from a burst pipe. In a situation like this you need to move quickly to contain the extent of the damage. Unless it’s handled correctly, water from a burst pipe could seep into your walls and beneath your carpet, and soak your belongings, many of which could be irreparably damaged by the water. While you’ll eventually need the help of a plumber, there are a few steps you can take yourself to help prevent further damage. The plumbing experts at Roto-Rooter in Hamilton and St. Catharines suggest taking the following steps to limit the overall water damage, and quickly fix the situation.

  • Shut off the water. You should know where and how to access the valve that controls the water flow in your home. You should even test it before any emergency occurs. If the water is coming from inside your home, your first step is to shut this valve.

  • Cut the power. To eliminate the risk of electrocution, shut off the power in any room where there is extensive flooding. Avoid using electrical appliances if your carpet is soaked or your floors are flooded. If you need to use a vacuum to soak up the liquid, plug it into an outlet far away from any water.

  • Soak up the water. Immediately remove as much of the water as possible, either with mops or towels. This will help prevent further damage to carpets, floors, walls, your furniture and other belongings. Move anything that is still dry away from the flooded area.

  • Circulate the air. Set-up fans to help the air circulate. This will help the water evaporate and dry, and is a crucial step to take after any water damage.

  • Call an emergency plumber. Once you’ve taken all the steps you can take to prevent further damage, it’s time to call in an expert who can properly assess the situation and fix the problem.

Emergency plumbing specialists Offering complete plumbing services in St. Catharines, Niagara, Burlington and other nearby area, Roto-Rooter has the expertise and the experience necessary to help you deal with any burst pipe in your home. We have the right tools and the proper know-how to help resolve the situation, limit the damage, and get your plumbing functioning properly again. For more tips and advice, or for emergency plumbing services, call us or visit our website. We’re here to help!


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