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Why Clear Sewer Line Clogs With Hydro Jetting?

Clogging in sewer lines is a problem that every homeowner, business or institutional establishment face at some point. The main cause of this is what you put down in your toilets and drains. If your plumber finds your sewer lines blocked, they may recommend water jetting service as a solution.

At Roto-Rooter Plumbing & Drain Service, we provide experienced plumbers for residences and business facilities in Hamilton. Our staff has expertise in plumbing services including sewer line excavation, emergency plumbing and drain cleaning. Causes of Drain Clogs Your drain doesn’t just collect water but also hair and skin flakes. Various kinds of wastes are flushed in toilets. Most clogging agents, however, get added to the drain through your kitchen sink. All these materials ultimately results in your sinks and other drains to stop draining altogether. Hydro Jetting for Drain Clogs Hydro jetting (also referred to as water jetting) uses a high-pressure hose that has a specialized nozzle attached at the end. The hose is connected to a powerful machine that pressurizes the water through the nozzle. A special cleaning solution is also used so that the grease, hair, mineral build-up and other debris are cleared out. Water jetting services are perfect for completely plugged or slow-moving drains; they are economical, quick and environmentally safe. Since it is really powerful, tree roots that grow in sewer lines can also be broken up. How Does Hydro Jetting Works? 1. Sewer line inspection The process starts with a video camera inspection by a professional plumber. This is to check if there are any broken or damaged pipes along with areas and nature of clogging. If the line is fully blocked, a mechanical rooting will have to be done for re-establishing the flow. This is to make the line will be visible to the camera. 2. Pressure jetting the line The hose is then inserted into the sewer line along with the cleaning head and pressurized water is forced through it. 3. Quality inspection The sewer line is once again inspected with the video camera to ensure that no roots or build-up is pending for clearing. Key Benefits of Hydro Jetting Sewer Lines and Drains The process works to resolve various plumbing problems. Let’s see a few of its benefits below: Cleaning along with unclogging Accumulation of materials like grease, fats and dirt inside the drain pipes are often the main reasons for recurrent sewer clogs. Methods like rotating snake don’t address the ongoing issues that likely result in recurrence. Hydro jetting clears the sewer lines for a more long-lasting period. This method doesn’t require you to dig up your yard. The high-pressure water stream goes through the sewer lines and spins from various angles ensuring that the drainpipes are clean. This is very useful while cleaning corroded pipes in homes with infrastructure that you may otherwise damage. Efficient for residual removal Hydro jetting has the power to penetrate deep for flushing out roots, rocks and other built-up debris that gets stuck. The jets also come in different sizes which enable an experienced plumber to decide the suitable pressure force to avoid pipe damage. Removing bacteria The water stream is powerful enough to not just remove grease but also any bacteria settled in the drains. The process is also a perfect solution to get rid of foul smells from the area. Let Us Help At Roto-Rooter Plumbing & Drain Service, we offer professional water jetting services to both residential and commercial clients. We have been serving customers in Hamilton, St Catharines and more for over 80 years. Our experienced staff can thoroughly clean your drains and gutters, enabling water to flow freely. For information on preventing frozen pipes, read our blog post - How to prevent frozen pipes. Call us to know more about our cost-effective water jetting service.


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