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Why is it Essential to Clean Drains at Regular Intervals?

drain cleaning

The drainage system is essential to remove unwanted liquid waste and excess water from a house. Over time, hair, leaves and other such materials can build up in your drains and clog them. This can damage the pipe, resulting in expensive repairs. Carrying out maintenance at regular intervals ensures that your drains are functional.

It also helps detect any minor issues in your drainage system. If you are looking for drain cleaning services in St. Catharines, Roto Rooter Sewer & Drain Services can help. We help clear out grease, sludge and other such waste from drains and gutters. We also serve Niagara, Hamilton, Burlington and the surrounding areas. We provide sewer line excavation services as well. Here are a few benefits of drain cleaning: Helps Reduce Blockages Minor blockages while taking shower or using the sink can be very annoying. But, clogged toilets and sewer lines could be disastrous and may require extensive repair work. Drain blockages are usually caused by a buildup of foreign materials inside the pipes or old or faulty pipes. Waste buildup in the sewer may cause your toilet to overflow every time you flush it. If you have planted any trees near your drainage system, the invasion of tree roots can also clog the drain. Thus, regular cleaning is necessary to keep the drains flowing freely. Eliminates Bad Odour It is challenging to get rid of sewage odours. Regular drain cleaning can help reduce them to a certain extent. However, if you notice smell in the p-traps in your home, you should have them professionally cleaned. Helps Maintain Hygiene Regular cleaning of drains helps avoid serious health concerns. It ensures your home is free of odours and there is no infestation of flies in the drain pipes. Overflowing sewers are a serious hygiene concern. Drain cleaning is a great way to prevent them from becoming too full and leading to blockages. Saves Money Pipe replacement can be very frustrating. It is an expensive process and requires several days to complete. Keeping the drains clean protects the pipes from damage. Getting your drainage system regularly inspected by professional plumbers allows you to detect any issues beforehand. You can avoid expensive repairs in the future by fixing them immediately. This helps save a lot of money on repairs. Fixes Slow Drains Pipe blockages and problems with the main sewer line can result in slow drains. This leads water getting collected on your bathroom floor. It promotes the growth of mold and mildew and spread of bad odor through your home. A professional cleaning helps clear drains and speeds up the drainage system in your home. Keeps Outdoors Clean Any leakages in the drainage system can result in stagnant water. This promotes soil erosion, slippery surfaces, mosquito breeding and harms plants. Roto-Rooter Plumbing & Drain Service has been providing drain cleaning in St Catharines for over 80 years. We serve both commercial and residential clients. For more information on how to protect your drains – read our blog. Whether you are looking for high-pressure water jetting or residential plumbing services, contact us today!


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